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SDL: Xuin by blahhOC SDL: Xuin by blahhOC
REFSHEET: [link] (Use this, for info)

Here is my oc for the SDL, information of which (including the template) can be found at :iconroninsultramix: 's page.

I'm sorta happy with this but also shows the reason why i wish i had photoshop instead of image ready, oh well. I'm also using this as his ref sheet.

Current contest attempt: Red Ball 08 :iconroninsultramix:

Age: 22
Hair: Black & red
Eyes: red
Height: 6'2 ft
Weight: 177 pounds
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Japanese
Origin: Won't disclose
Fighting Style: Shintoukei & a mix of Tai Ji Quan and kempo. Ninjutsu
Hobbies: Reading
Favorite Things: Cats
Likes: Sweets
Dislikes: Dogs, secondhand smoke
Special Skills: Works well under pressure and able to tell the percent of cocoa in chocolate.
Nickname: None

****Update Story******
so yeah heres an attempt at his background, story. He was raised in learning almost nothing but the art for most of his life, including the art of ninjutsu. He was trained to be an assissin and essentially a tool for killing. His Shintoukei style was orginally taught to burst hearts but, realizing how much he detested killing for something he never cared about, he later just left after his first contract. He told his former village he was going out for a walk. Ironically, the day after the village was double crossed by an employer and wiped out through a massive ambush. Xuin has no knowledge of this, even if he did he wouldnt care. Of course while journeying out he came to a realiziation, he has really bad luck with people, which is why he doesnt come into contact with people for as long as his supplies hold out. This thought stemed from the fact that he ends up in alot of plots and adventures without even trying and atually avoiding such situations, but he always finds himself in a fight of some sort by being anywhere near the wrong people at the wrong time (usually the witness of some foul deed). So wether he likes it or not he makes some powerful enemies real fast. It helps that hes very good at sucluding himself but its hard going into any town and not drawing attention to his attire, which he owns several copies of (hey, he likes how it looks and feels). He isnt exactly antisocial just likes to avoid people and future confrintaions. He tried some odd jobs every once and awhile, how he came into makeing his sword while working with a balcksmith. But mainly he goes back to contract jobs that pay big and has as miniaml as killing as possible, or he just robbes very wealthy individuals. The reason behind his sword is to make people reconsider fighting against a huge blade, and if that doesnt work he tries to scare them off or knock them out with the strength behind the swing. only a select indivuals require him to go hand-to-hand. Has a habit of devolping crushes on kunoichi. Also robbes candy stores.


He has a very passive personality. he's not botered by much and doesnt like to be bothered by other people. He just wonders around, doing whatever comes to mind, taking a few odd jobs there, and usually meditating, reading^^, when secluded somewhere. tends to get challenged alot when around fighter types, thus why he goes out of his way to avoid people when not nesessary.

but lets see, i'm about to ramble about his fighting style and stuff.

He is a somewhat skilled swordsmen, but doesnt rely on it much at all as his real skill lies in hand to hand. He uses these weapons to do quick strikes, either to end the fight then and there or disarm an opponent. also his weapons arent pratical, his huge blade. The back part of which is 3 in.'s thick. The bladed parts thmesleves are very thin. entire wepaon, even the handle, is made of a very durable metal. he uses these weapins because it isnt a very smart idea to fight bare handed agianst a weapon, consedering the downsides of his style.

The entire weapon wieghs a little over 400 lbs. You will only see him ever use the bigger blade only once or twice, mainly as an opening attack. he only ever luges it around when going from one town outskirt to another, never day to day and never more then a few hours. he will leave it behind while going intoa town for supplies, he figures most people wont bother with stealing something so heavy. *edit* I almost forgot to mention the blade is a 2 part weapon, the handle is a second sword inside the big one.

For his fighting style, his main style he is a master of. It is called Shintoukei and uses his own bodies energy as a weapon, also known as Ki.

(The orginial basis of his style was originally intended to cripple and kill, he has since toned down these extremes.)

the pros and cons of this style. the style revolves around being able to K.O. an opponent within the first hit as he can only channel his ki into a hit by having direct contact with a person's body. the ki only flows out through his palm and no he cant shot beams, it a very different use compared to Dragonball.

The main purpose of it is by utilizing his ki this way it becomes a kentic force targeting the organs of a peron, the organ targeted depends on hand locations. The main strike is placed on the stomache and meant to rupture the spleen and collapse the stomache. this is called Souan and uses the most amount of ki. it is the finishing move of his style.

When low on ki he uses a second finishing move, called Keihou, that tragets the lungs, mainly the small pneumothorax as to not make it life threating but can easily traget the large, this is mainly because he avoids killing if possible, but not to say he wont.

Whats really vunerable about this style is it doesnt work in long battles or agianst say a small army, because of how much of a drain it is on his ki reserves. if used to much he can literally lose consience while standing. also there is a delay to his attacks, usually taking a second to deliver the blow, and while he is doing that it leaves him completely open, which is why he disarms opponents first.

this style can become quite deadly if he decides to target the heart or the arteries in the head.

He has 2 modes when using this style, passive and battle. Passive is used while fighting with his sword. small amounts of ki flood his arms and legs, increasing his natural attributes so he is not only able to wield his big blade in the first place but also and run his ki through the metal during an attack causing it to become denser, which increases its duribility and causing the inital kenitic energy of his swing to increase dramatically.

Battle is when he goes hand to hand. He has all his ki flooding his entire body for easy access and faster channeling to his palm while increasing his attributes as well. also able to reduce pain, heal bruising and very small cuts. Also his defense is very brutal, where as attacking attacks organs, defense targets bones by forcing ki out on impact causing his hands to be similar to hitting a swinging sledge hammer. this also requires alot of ki and concentration.

This style can be blocked by moving out of contact or being balanced off by the opponents own ki, depending on how focused its and the amount. So when running very low or having no effect he switches to a style to unbalance opponents and go for imobiling graples. and Ninjutsu, not naruto ninjutsu but the actual techniques of misdirection, swift strikes, and concealment.

For his strength and speed. he isnt overly strong, just stronger than most normal fighters. his speed, while very fast, can be followed by decent fighters. he doesnt move with teleporting speed ever. he isnt that fast, even with the boost of his ki. he can appear to be that fast though, as if appearing out of nowhere, because he gets his opponents to look away from him for just a split second. or if they are the kind of people to close thier eyes at thier opponent while speaking.

So in all, he maybe copapble of doing lets say 2 Souans before passing out. His ki is like a life guage^^ His entire style revolves around 1 hit K.O.'s

He keeps smoke bombs, steel wireing, chocolates, and a small knife within his belt.

He's made some powerful enemies in the past without really knowing. mainly from being somewhere at the wrong time and getting into a fight and foiling the plan of some powerful, currupt figure.

a quick assesment of his ability in fights. Long range fighting, he does very poorly with distance. Hid med range fighting, i.e. sword fighting, is ok at best, enough to keep him alive at least ^^; . For close range, he excels in hand to hand as for the most part a vast majority of his moves are counters meant to put people off balance, which is shown through his Tai Ji because how he uses the style to flow with an opponent's attack.

Hope this has been insightful as well as enjoyed.
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vampireking Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2008
sword within a sword? very good idea. I like this character. :3
shinjokouga Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2008  Student Digital Artist
dude...want a duel??? :D :D
phantom724 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2008
up fo a match :D
blahhOC Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2008
i'd like to but I have 1 already. i'll be available 1 week from this saturday.
theunholytrinity Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2008
hey, you wanna duel?

blahhOC Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2008
sry ^^; I actually had a duel set up with Ronin right after this one.
theunholytrinity Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2008
okay ^^
wanderinghobo Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
I freaking love the sword! I wish to battle you at some point down the track with my guy, until then - good luck with Winter Brawl
blahhOC Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2007
thnx^^ I look forward to a future duel with you
Kitsuziza Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2007
Xuin looks really cool looks like your going to be really busy I wish you look in your first duel and I hope if Xuin and Dog meet each other its not as enemies even though he hates dogs :D
blahhOC Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2007
thnx^^ luck to you too. I might do some pic of both our characters as freinds or something.
SrMOG Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2007
Wow i hope my Character doesnt fights yours early in the tournament.

good luck and good work btw
blahhOC Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2007
Thnx for the luck^^ wish you too as well. But i have to say, i wouldn't like my chances against you so early in the tournament either
SrMOG Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2007
i think you took longer on writing than drawing xD
blahhOC Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2007
I also want to give an actual description of how he fights other than most people just saying that they know alot of different styles.
blahhOC Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2007
lol^^ I have a habit of rambleing on and on about things <.< and usually comes out not as good as when i originally thought it out, I actually edited the text 5 times ^^;
Mabui-Koneko Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2007   Digital Artist
Awesome! Hehe, if you still lived here, then I would be able to give you sorry
conmandamned Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2007
Very nice! good luck!
blahhOC Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2007
thanx^^ you too, but its more for me as i need to up my style to keep up <.<
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